About us

This is monoceros

More than 10 years of PR experience on the corporate and agency side and the motivation to establish an agency with the highest standards are the basis for our outstanding results. Our global network, in-depth market knowledge and our deep understanding of technological trends and developments enable us to provide food for thought and go our own way. monoceros always sees itself as part of your team.

Meet the team
Miriam Graf

Miriam Graf

Managing Director and Co-Founder
"Some dream, some do and some do both."
Dr. Nadine Brunner

Dr. Nadine Brunner

Managing Director and Co-Founder
"Think big, it’s getting small on its own."
Anna Henke

Anna Henke

Account Director
"If you want to have an effect on other people, you have to talk to them in their language."
Mathias Klüver

Mathias Klüver

Account Director
"Communication changes everything."

We work with opinion leaders and innovation drivers who are rocketing their way up.

Unicorns are our mission

Why we do what we do

The unicorn is not only our eponym, but its attributes are symbolic for us and our customers – we work with opinion leaders and innovation drivers who are unwavering in their pursuit of excellence.

Our strategic communication aims at more than just media presence. Together, we develop intelligent content and value-adding measures that maximize perception and reach and permanently increase competitiveness. With this qualitative approach, we and our agency achieve a long-term and strategic positioning of our clients.

Core Values


We set ourselves the highest standards for all content and measures


We know and penetrate the technological topics and trends that are relevant for our customers

Goal Oriented

We work in a results-oriented manner and our campaigns deliver a demonstrable ROI


Fast action and a proactive mentality distinguish our team of experts


We find the stories behind the products and give your brand a multifaceted face


We advise directly, transparently and always have the set goals in view without detours


What does monoceros mean?

monoceros [Greek\], is the scientific name of the constellation unicorn (mhd. einhürne, unicorns; grch. monokeros; lat. unicornis). It was introduced in 1613 by the Dutch astronomer Petrus Plancius and is considered to be the noblest of all mythical creatures: a white horse with magical powers, on its forehead a winding horn. A typical unicorn is persistent, disciplined, thorough, strategic and ambitious.