New Work at monoceros

New Work is not an empty and unpopular catchphrase for our work as an agency and together with our customers. How we work digitally, not only in times of pandemics, and still enjoy working together on the matter, we present to you here.

What is the potential of the health tech sector?

The future of healthcare is shaped by structural trends and favorable developments. We took a close look at the trends and worked out their communication potential.

Thought leadership: buzzword or clever PR strategy?

What does it take to deploy a thought leader specifically for PR work? We are convinced that the positioning of content linked to a person can be a decisive key to success - communicatively and entrepreneurially.

KPIs, OPI, etc. – Measuring PR successes

How measurable is the PR work? It's about finding the right balance between quantitative media response analysis and qualitative PR storytelling so that all sides are satisfied with the results and the output.

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