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Dialogue groups - a central element in strategic communication. For each company, it is important to answer the question of these groups individually and, along with this, to choose the best way to address them. In addition to classic formats, own publications such as customer and employee magazines are the ideal means. Because it is precisely here that one's own messages can be conveyed in a targeted manner with the help of well-thought-out storylines, a creative layout, and lots of space for high-quality content. From the initial ideas to the conception and finding of suitable partnerships to the editorial elaboration - we deliver everything that is needed for a publication with charisma.

One of our lighthouse projects in 2023: The first issue of CATALYSER, a life science start-up magazine that has been available since May for subscribers to the trade magazine |transkript and online as an e-paper. For the first time, the magazine provides insights into the cosmos and the challenges of start-ups in the life sciences. The first issue, which was produced in cooperation with BIOCOM AG for the Life Science Factory, contains exciting insights into the scene and exclusive interviews from the industry.

Here we go to the CATALYSER

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From the first sketch of an idea to the finished issue - we accompany your publications in every phase - also for online magazines.


From researching suitable stories and protagonists to conducting interviews and writing articles - our team provides full service with added value for the dialogue groups.


Our design is not about "just" looking good - it is about achieving goals. We develop target group-oriented designs that follow the set strategy and thus create special products.


We take on editing, proofreading or post-editing for our clients and optimise the content in terms of style and content.

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