Market Research

Studies give messages additional fact-based depth.

A study conducted according to scientific standards provides a rich fund of data to generate own content with social relevance that attracts media attention. Together with our graphic designers, we develop suitable infographics and diagrams in order to use the results in a visualised way.

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Study Design & Questionnaire Development

We take care of the entire process chain in a research project: from consulting at the start of a project to the design of the questionnaire and the statistical evaluation of the results from the field.

Online Market Research

Here we work together with our partner INNOFACT, which sees itself as the market and quality leader in the field of online research. The institute has its own panels with over half a million respondents in the German-speaking world and access to international panel networks.

Information Graphics

With the help of infographics and diagrams, the results of one or more studies can be attractively presented. These graphics can then be sent either individually or as complementary material to a suitable press release. But images are also important for social media.

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