Content & Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story - even journalists

Trenchant content is a central component for each of your communication channels: whether in a classic press release, on your own website or blog, or in social media. This makes it all the more important to create continuity and recognition values, especially when a company's identity and credibility are at stake.

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PR Content

Content is king – this applies to classic press releases as well as to detailed professional articles, interesting case studies or short and concise thought leadership comments. Our content team has comprehensive knowledge of relevant specialist topics and thus brings your story to the point in concise words.

Social Media & Blogs

Whether it's an after movie of your last event, a tweet on current topics or a concise technical article including infographics on your blog – we create content for social media channels not only to increase coverage, but also to establish connections with journalists or media representatives. In this way we also achieve an increase in followers, contacts and reach.


Newsletters are an important communication instrument for successful customer retention. With relevant and exciting content, they create attention for companies and products. We take over the creation of content as well as the distribution to your target groups.

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